Champagne and art of living

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    Champagne and art of living

    Is champagne good for your health? Champagne is synonymous with celebration all over the world. No party, wedding, birthday or business contract can be celebrated properly without champagne. Better still, consuming champagne, in moderation of course, brings several health benefits. But the real question is: is champagne really good for our health? The Grande Charte will answer this question and reveal the beneficial properties of this wonderful wine. The health benefits of champagne Few people know this, but champagne, before becoming a celebratory wine, was previously considered a therapeutic remedy to aid digestion, cure depression and rheumatism and promote recovery from childbirth – in fact it was said to heal…

  • Champagne and art of living

    Champagne and art of the table

    What to eat with champagne ? Dear Champagne lovers, So you have prepared your reception menu and would like to serve a glass of champagne or two to your guests but you don’t know which ones to choose… Or maybe you have an exceptional champagne in your cellar but you don’t have any idea what to serve along with it? Let’s start by saying that it is important to approach food and champagne pairing using only  food and drink of similar quality. Serve a medium or high end champagne with a high quality dish.  I can understand why choosing the right dish to pair with champagne is a little disconcerting,…