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    Where can champagne be made?

    Dear champagne lovers, While champagne wine is known throughout the world, the terroir from which it is made is much less well known. And as you may know, champagne wine is recognized as A.O.C. The appellation d’origine contrôlée (AOC) allows to link a product to a geographical area and subjects it to rules of production and elaboration. A product recognized as AOC is therefore the expression of a link between a production and a land, all implemented and perpetuated by the know-how of men. You are wondering what are the rules to respect to obtain an AOC? where is the champagne made? And what equipment is necessary for the elaboration and…

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    Champagne and art of living

    Is champagne good for your health? Champagne is synonymous with celebration all over the world. No party, wedding, birthday or business contract can be celebrated properly without champagne. Better still, consuming champagne, in moderation of course, brings several health benefits. But the real question is: is champagne really good for our health? The Grande Charte will answer this question and reveal the beneficial properties of this wonderful wine. The health benefits of champagne Few people know this, but champagne, before becoming a celebratory wine, was previously considered a therapeutic remedy to aid digestion, cure depression and rheumatism and promote recovery from childbirth – in fact it was said to heal…