The best champagnes

You will find in this category our classification of the greatest vintages, the best champagnes, how they are classified, why some cost more than others etc... Don "t hesitate to ask us questions in comments !

  • The best champagnes,  Tips for lovers

    The champagne market

    Champagne and their famous houses Champagne wine is a product made from grapes grown in the Champagne region of northeastern France. The grapes used are very specific: Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay. If you don’t know how a champagne wine is made, I invite you to read my article: the secrets of making a champagne wine according to the Champagne method. It is important to know that champagne belongs to the category of sparkling wines and is strictly regulated by the Comité Champagne, a sort of guardian and policeman of the appellation. Several countries can produce sparkling wines similar to champagne, but none of them has the right to…

  • The best champagnes,  Tips for lovers

    Which are the greatest champagne wines?

    Why is champagne considered a “luxury” product? Champagne is a wine, whose grapes are obtained in an artisanal way, which basically means they must be harvested manually. The quantity of champagne produced every year is limited. Reasons for these limitations are due to the Comité Champagne (regulator of the Champagne appellation) that sets the maximum level of harvest allowed, and also due to the limited geographical area. Producers cannot make more bottles than the vines planted in the Champagne appellation area will allow. The supply of Champagne is therefore necessarily limited and this explains its exclusive and “luxury” side. Are the best champagnes the most expensive? No and fortunately! I…