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    Which is the oldest champagne house?

    Dear champagne lovers, Did you ever wonder which is the oldest champagne house? Well, it is actually the house of Ruinart, founded by Nicolas Ruinart, in Épernay, on 1 September 1729. Nowadays, this house is renowned all over the world and has become a true icon. It is the symbol of  know-how, expertise and the French art of living. If you don’t know much about the history of champagne yet, please let me invite you to discover more in this article. In the beginning: It all started with the intuition of Dom Thierry Ruinart, a Benedictine monk who was born in 1657, to a family of cloth merchants. This man…

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    The History of Champagne

    Dear readers, It is important to know that since the very beginning of this era, wine growers have worked diligently to create the fine sparkling wine that is today, better known as champagne. This dedication and hard work have certainly not been in vain, since today champagne wine is the symbol of celebration par excellence throughout the world. In this article, I’m going to tell you about the history of champagne; its origin and evolution as well as the names that have contributed to its history. Let’s get started! First of all, I’m going to reveal champagnes’ origins and the key dates of its evolution.   The appearance of the…